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28 November 2019
Trabzon, Turkey
B2B Silk Road 2019

1. Registration (3 October - 27 November)

Registration will be possible via this website. For more information, please look at this link below:

2. Create your profile (3 October - 27 November)

CREATE a strong and clear profile as much as possible because it will reflect who you are and what you want from potential partner.

3. Download the mobile app b2match 

The app ''b2match'' can be downloaded on iPhones, iPads or Android devices in order for the participants to plan their event attendance and book b2b meetings. You can download and login the event via your e-mail and password.

4. Book your meetings (13 November - 27 November)

As a registered participant you can request individual business meetings with other participants. You should plan maximum 9 meetings. Meeting requests must be confirmed by both sides in order to be scheduled. the time of your meetings will be scheduled by the main organizer 1 day before the event. 

5. Meet with your potential partners (28 November, 15:30 - 18:30)

You will get your final agenda before coming to the event or/and in the event and meet with your potential partners in Kazaziye Hall in RAMADA PLAZA HOTEL in Trabzon.

You can also participate to sectoral panels organised in the scope of SUMMIT before your meetings. 

Participation link is http://www.trabzonsilkroad.org/panelregistration/

6. Feedbacks

You can give your general ideas about the event via the feedback part (the right side of your profile). After the event you will get another feedback e-mails about your meeting rates in different times. 

Please give your feedbacks because they are very important for us to organize better new events.


Closed since 27 November 2019


Kazaziye Hall, Ramada Plaza Trabzon/TURKEY

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Participants 289
Meetings 619


Afghanistan 7
Albania 1
Azerbaijan 9
Bangladesh 1
Bosnia And Herzegovina 12
Bulgaria 1
Cameroon 1
China 4
Georgia 24
Germany 2
Greece 2
Iran, Islamic Republic Of 8
Kazakhstan 6
North Macedonia 3
Moldova, Republic Of 4
Pakistan 6
Romania 3
Russia 8
Tajikistan 1
Turkey 181
Turkmenistan 4
Uzbekistan 1
Total 289